Microflights - Microlight Flying School

Microflights - Microlight Flying School

Microflights - Microlight Flying School
We offer a menu of introductory air experience flights (trial flights) to suit every budget and also provide full microlight pilot training courses leading to the UK National Private Pilot's Licence (Microlights).

For our trial flights and flying training we use UK-manufactured Mainair Blade 912 and Flash 2 Alpha 503 microlights, powered by Rotax engines.

As far as our pilot training courses go, we pride ourselves on approaching things a bit differently to other microlight schools.  To begin with, we like to make absolutely sure that you've made an informed choice about the microlight school you want to fly with. We won't just sign you up for a training course.  Instead, we recommend that you have a trial flight with us first, to see whether the experience matches up to your expectations.  Next we make a point of asking you to speak to the other excellent microlight schools in the area.  If you're still convinced that Microflights is the right school for you, we then ask you to have a single front-seat lesson as a "trial run".   If you're still keen after that, we'll sit down with you for a good long chat through all the details, including costs and what we'll expect of each other.  Importantly, that gives us a chance to decide whether we're right for you, or whether we feel you'd do better in a different training environment.

If, after all this, you decide to sign up for a course of flying training, the first thing you'll notice is that the pace here is deliberately relaxed.  Our instructional style is very informal, and when you arrive for your lessons you WON'T feel under pressure - there will be plenty of time for a chat and a cup of tea before you get stuck into your pre-flight checks and the lesson briefing.  Unlike most other schools, we allocate you a full half-day slot or a complete evening, which means you can usually expect your lesson to consist of one longer flight or two shorter ones - depending on the weather and the flight exercise we're doing.

Throughout the course, your safety and comfort are our primary concerns, and we want you to get the best possible value for money from every lesson.  But we also take the view that every flight should be FUN.  If it isn't, you need to ask yourself why you're spending the money!  So alongside the serious business of equipping you with all the skills you'll need as a qualified pilot, we also give ourselves time to have a good look at the scenery and sights.  That's why we introduce basic navigation at an early stage in your course.

Contact: James McCafferty

Email: [email protected]

Address:39 Greenway Great Horwood, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK17 0QR
and: Long Marston Airfield, about 4 miles south of Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8LL
Telephone: 01296 712705  and  07974 949996 
Website: www.microflights.com